“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

What Shall I Do With This Man Jesus



What shall I do with this man Jesus

Pilate spoke his thoughts  out loud

Would you have me set him free

He posed the question to the crowd

Crucify him! Crucify him!

They all cried out as one

But I find no fault in him

The one they call God’s son

Desiring to please the crowd

Yet seeing nothing wrong he’d done

Pilate ordered Jesus crucified

Knowing they’d shed innocent blood

He called for water to be set before him

And before the people he washed his hands

I am innocent of this man’s blood, he said

Let his blood be on your hands

So they led him to Golgotha

There they nailed him to a tree

They raised him up on high

For all the world to see

Some mocked, some wept, some hid in shame

Yet for each the question remains the same

What shall I do with this man Jesus

Shall I believe the words he’s spoken

Shall I believe that he’s God’s son

The one the prophets spoke of

And said one day would come

The one that would pay the price

And redeem  me from my sin

The only one to fill the void

And make the whole again

Or will I be as the scoffers

Will I laugh and mock his name

Claiming that he’s just a man

And try to make it to heaven my own way

Yes all must ask themselves the question

Pilate, you and me

What shall I do with this man Jesus

That gave his life Calvary

Lets not be quick to deny him

And say he’s just a man

For this man whose God himself

Holds our soul in his hands

Mike Bishop   6/13/98