“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”


Elvis Presley Sings “How Great Thou Art” 

Poems Written By Michael Bishop:
     Michael is my brother-in-law. Mike has a God given talent for writing spiritual songs and poems. He has written about three songs that the “Brothers Forever” sing. They are “I Have Been Loved”, “My Everything” and “You Alone are Worthy”. He has written about thirty five spiritual poems. We hope you enjoy reading Mike’s Poetry!
 1 By The Sea 

 2 Judgment Day

 3 The Old Man

 4 Prison 

 5 Come See

 6 Dreams

 7 Father Pour Out Your Spirit

 8 God Spoke Today

 9 Heaven’s Lamb

10 Holy Night

11 In Bethlehem

34_jesus_028.jpg 12_jesus_lives_in_me.pdf

13 Journey’s End


 15 My Father’s Knee.pdf

16 One

17 Penance

18 Reconciled

19 Redeemed

20 Reflection

21 Rescue Form The Sea

22 Rest From My Journey

23 Searching

24 Silhouette

25 The Alley

27 The Change 

28 The Coming of The Son

 29 The Harbor

30 The Question

31 Three Crosses

32 Thy Faith Has Made Thee Well

34 What Shall I Do With This Man Jesus



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