“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

Holy Night

Holy Night

The stars appeared so close

I felt that I could touch then

The yellow moon she hung so bright

up in the eastern sky ,

A cold north wind was blowing

And breathed her breath upon me

And carried with her thoughts of days gone by

I couldn’t help but wonder

As I gazed out into the heavens

Could it have been a night like this

My savior Christ was born

Oh how I wish I could have been there

To see the, Angel’s faces

 As they announced the coming of our Lord

Or heard the heavenly host proclaim

On earth peace, good will toward men

And knew this tiny child

Was God’s only son

Who had come to save me from my sins

Or been one of the shepherds

That gazed into the manger

And watched as Jesus lay fast asleep

Or been one of the Magi

That traveled from afar

Just to lay their treasure at his feet

But God reserved these things

For men of long ago

Yet through faith today these things I see

Oh what a Holy Night it was

When God came down to earth

To show his love to one such as me

mike bishop