“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”




I wish I’d never met him

Even heard his name

For since our first encounter

I haven’t been the same

Like the sounding of a trumpet

His words ring in my ears

They brought on doubts and questions

And so, so many fears

What is it about this man,

This man from Galilee

That’s captured my heart and soul

And so much torments me

I must go see him

Speak with him face to face

But not here, not now, in some secret place

I once spoke out for him

Even for his cause

But I received chastisement

From the keepers of the law

So in the darkness of the night

While the town law fast asleep

I crept out quietly, Jesus, the Christ to meet

When I got to his door

Something happened much to my surprise

I felt like he’d been waiting, and he bid me come inside

I quickly asked the question

That had caused by heart such strife

Rabbi What must I do to have eternal life

But what he said, I tried, but couldn’t comprehend

He said Nickodemus, you must be born again

He spoke on through the night on spirit, water and wind

And how God had sent his son to redeem fallen man

I left out in darkness much like I came in

Yet my thoughts went back to that night time and again

A short time later soldiers nailed him to a cross

As I stood in silence watching

I felt such emptiness, such loss

But as I was looking on him I saw a sacrificial lamb

Then his or words came rushing back

You must be born again

In that instance my eyes could finally see

I knew the life that had been given there

Had been given there for me


Mike Bishop