“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

Old Church Photos

1 David J. Alley

This was David Alley back in the 1884 era of time. He donated 

the land for our $200 church back in 1884 when they obtained 

a loan from The Methodist Organization in Pa.


Photo David B. Alley and Family

This is a very old photo of David B. Alley and Family. David B.

was a son of David Alley Sr. It was submitted to our website 

by R.E. (Bob) McConnell Jr., the Great Grandson of David Alley. 

We also have another church member that is a Great Grandson

of  David Alley. He is Blaine Gilliam.



This Photo of Robert Penley was submitted by the late Olene

Ervin McNew, a granddaughter of Robert Penley. Robert was

the second minster of Alley’s UMC sometime between 1884 and

1923 and was also one of the first members of the Board of

James Newton and his wife ???? Galloway











This photo was submitted by Roy Newton, the Great Grandson

of James Newton. James Newton was the first minister of 

Alley’s Chapel UMC.


Dr. James Lane

This photo was of the Dr. James Lane in 1884. He was also an

original Board of Trustees at Alley’s UMC! He is riding his

  office with his little black bag!












This was our entire church membership in 1901.


Amos Templeton

Amos Milhorn Templeton, a member of the first

Board of Trustees.





















This Photo was submitted to this website by Raymond

Lee Pendleton. This photo is of John E. Pendleton and 

his wife Mary Ann Quillen. John was a member of the

First Trustees of Alley’s UMC Church.


Alley's UMC Old Photos (3)

This was Rev. C.S. Pendleton Sr. one of our past ministers!


Alley's UMC Old Photos (5)

This was Rev. John Vermillion, another one of our past

ministers in Alley’s UMC. 


Alley's UMC OLd Photos (16)

These men were also our past ministers in Alley’s UMC.





















This was the Rev Eugene McConnell and his wife Monnie. 

He was pastor at Alley’s UMC. These were the parents to

R. E. McConnell Jr.


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