“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

The Old Man

The Old Man  


Life hadn’t turned out quite the way he planed

Just when he needed work the most the factory shut down

He’d never made enough for him to save a dime

Now he’s lost his home, cause on the rent he got behind

It’s not that he won’t work he’s tried everywhere

But no one wants to hire a man getting up in years

So he spends most days hungry, and at nights he gets so cold

He hasn’t any family, and his friends have been called home

To proud to beg, nowhere to borrow, his faith won’t let him steal

Often times he wonders where he’ll get his next meal

Yet there’s a strength inside him that keeps him going day by day

He just thinks on Jesus, and the price he came and paid

He knows that life is fleeting, it’ll quickly come and go

But the place he’s going will last forevermore

There will be there no more pain, nor tears that fill his eyes

Nor will there be sorrow, nor will loved ones die

For in the presents of the savior the old shall pass away

And all will be made new with the coming of that day

Two weeks ago last Friday the snow came falling down

By the time it had let up it had blank-et the town y

The old man was found this morning with a smile upon his face

The angels they had come and took him to a better place

No more will he hunger nor will he be co

For the warmth and love of Jesus will fill his very soul

mike bishop 1/27/98