“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”



My chest swelled a bit

As I crossed the prison grounds

Thinking what a blessing I might be

I had come to share the gospel to those held inside

Hoping maybe one might be set free

With arrogance and pride I entered in the crowd

Passing judgmental stares to all who sat around

To my God I said a prayer up to him

Thanking him so much that I was not like them

Just then a young man stood and began to tell his tale

He shared with all the people what had brought him to his cell

He spoke of his addiction to drugs and alcohol

He spoke of all the years of running from his God

Suddenly his countenance changed

A smile lit up his face

Now, he said, let me share Jesus and his loving grace

He spoke about his birth and life, he told about the cross

He told how his blood was shed to redeem the lost

Then as if he’d known my thoughts

He looked right straight at me

And said yes, I’m a prisoner but so much more you see

For now I’m an heir with Christ and a child of the King

This prison garb that I have on is just what I wear now

For a robe of white awaits me and for my head a crown

Yes, my home here’s a prison cell just four walls you see

But there’s a mansion up in glory he’s preparing just for me

As he looked throughout the crowd his eyes were filled with love

A spirit like this I said comes only from above

Arrogance and pride he held not inside

But the nature I saw in him was much like that of Christ

I sat throughout the night and spoke not a word

Though I’d come to share the Gospel, the Gospel I had heard

As I left the prison gates and stood outside the walls

I walked a little slower and stood not quite as tall

Lord I said, now I truly see It’s I that’s still in prison and he that’s been set free

mike bishop 10/10/97