“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”



You say I’m just one man

What really can I do

I understand your feelings

Cause I feel the same way too

Yet Noah loved God

And traveled in his ways

Because of this one righteous man

All mankind was saved

Abraham believed God

And all he had to say

And from the seed of Abraham

A mighty nation God made

As God spoke to Moses

Moses posed the question to

He said Lord I’m so weak

What is it I could do

But God empowered Moses

To part the mighty sea

He called plagues down on Egypt

And led the captives free

David slew Goliath

When he was but a lad

As all Saul’s army stood afraid

Jonah took Gods message to the city Nineveh

And the whole city repented on that day

Samson slew the Philistines

Paul penned God’s word

John the Baptist cried repent

As a whole nation heard

So we say were just one

What really can we do

But if Jesus lives within

Lets let his love shine through

We can offer a smile

To someone on the street

Or a word of encouragement

To someone we should meet

There’s always someone hungry

There’s always someone cold

There’s always someone we can visit who’s getting old

There’s always someone who’s not heard

That God can forgive their sin

And God can use you or I

To show how to let Christ in

lf we are to make a difference

Then this is how its done

All of us has got to step out

One by One by One

mike bishop