“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

Documents Links

Documents Links

A letter written by Lisa McConnell to Leta Duncan and the subject is the 200th anniversaty of Methodism and Leta’s reply. letter_from_lisa m._to_leta_d._and_leta__s_reply0001.pdf

Alley’s Chapel Deed… My Interpretation Of The Original Deed: alleys_chapel_deed.doc

Alley’s Bank Note Burning Program  From 1982:  alley__s_note_burning0001.pdf

Alley’s Program for the 125th Anniversary Celebration:  program_for_125th0001.pdf

Bellamy’s Chapel Abandonment Letter bellamy__s_chapel_abandonment0001.pdfDeed to Alley’s Chapel UMC Read More>

Minutes From Sept. 20, 1959…..A Soul Saving Revival At Alley’s Chapel : minutes_from_september_20__1959…a_soul_saving_revival0001.pdf

Report of Committee on Nominations and Personel for the year 1977: report_of_committee_on_nominations_for_yea0001.pdf 

Steve Edmunds Point Man International Ministries  2015 Vietnam Trip. A photo is worth over a 1000 words. All of the 3rd Battalion /8th Infantry soldiers, the Ivy Dragoons hold no grudges against the people nor the North Vietnamese solders. I can also say that both the same applies to the Vietnamese  My unit  have gone back more than a few times in the last 20 years or so. We have taken  Boo Coo units of husked rice and Noodles and blow pops for the kiddies. We have also gave our dollars to build homes for their needy: War Viet Nam 2015 RVN Trip By Steve Edmunds

The History, 125 Years,  of Alley’s UMC from it’s beginning in 1884 through 2009: alleys 125th