“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”




For years I groped in darkness

Yet my searching was in vain

For I could find no solace

Nor a balm to ease my pain

Night after night after sleepless night

As I lay in my bed

I fought against the demons

That lived inside my head

The love I had for others

Was in a fleeting moment gone

The lusts and fleshly pleasures

Only left me more alone

My gold and earthly treasures

Could not buy me peace of mind

I desired to know life’s meaning

Yet the answer I could not find

Then I heard a voice call to me

Yet I looked and saw no one

But it was if inside my soul

A brilliant light came on

The voice was calling out to me

Calling me his child

Suddenly my spirit felt so calm

And it was then I smiled

For I knew what I’d been missing

In the depth of my soul

All was clear like the sun

When away the clouds roll

Now the darkness nor the pain

No longer fill my life

Now there is happiness

Where once there was misery and strife

No longer do the demons

Live inside my head

The love and peace of Jesus

Resides there now instead

sherry davis and mike bishop