“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

By the Sea

                                                                             By The Sea


The moon smiled in the heavens

As the stars shown all around

The fireflies danced above the water

Like a million stars that had fallen down

Out upon the ocean I watched a shrimp trawlers light

So faint, so faraway, almost out of sight

I felt so small and insignificant

As I sat there by the sea

Yet in your eyes I must be special

Because you gave your life for me

You left your home in heaven

By the father on the throne

You clothed yourself in bone and flesh

And made earth your home

Where once you wore a diadem

Placed upon your head

It was laid aside and you exchanged it

For a crown of thorns instead

Hands that formed the heavens, that holds the stars in the sky

Were outstretched and nailed to a tree

The one who is eternal, who will live forevermore

Came and tasted death for me

Suddenly I no longer felt insignificant

When I thought on what you’ve done for me

For I was the most important thought on your mind

As you hung there on that tree,

Now I can hold my head up

And not feel so small anymore

Even thought I’m as a grain of sand

That’s washing to the shore

sherri davis and mike bishop


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