“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

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Satan may have his upper hand over all  of us Jesus believers but we still remain true to our faith, even though we had to shut and lock our doors in our houses of worship.  Even though Satan in powerful in his Satanic ways over us, we still have our rights against Satan either to stand for Satan and his ways of hatred or for Jesus and his ways of Love for everyone in our hearts. Jesus said that we each human being are his Tabernacle that houses our souls and therefore its we his people that must spread his good word. Then Bob McConnell emailed me and asked If I minded to post his Lay Sermon into our Church website @ https://www.alleysumc.com/. My reply to him was that I would be more than glad to do it for him then after I went to bed last night a bright idea came into my  mind, why don’t I include my sisters song with her Piano because she is our Church Pianist. Both Charlene and Bob have been  insturmental to all of us Church members via the email system to keep our spirits up. Therefore here goesLay : 


Lay Sermon for  Alleys’ Chapel Website May 24, 2020 Titled: “The Covenant and Calvary”  by Robert E. McConnell

Lay Sermon for Alleys Chapel Website May 17 2020  Titled: “The Power of Positive Thinking”by Robert E. McConnell

My Sisters Song Titled: Right on Time by Charlene Ervin Brickey