“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

My Father’s Knee

My Father’s Knee



When I was but a child, now many years ago

and frightened by all the things I’d see

I had a place that I would go when I was overcome with fear

I’d run and get upon my father’s knee

with his strong and gentle hands, tenderly he’d draw me near

he’d chase away my worries and drive away my fears

He always seemed to have the knack to know just what to say

then he’d whisper I love you and send me back to play

I was always welcome upon my daddy’s knee

and I couldn’t help but feel it was made just for me

I loved it there in daddy’s lap as he sit back in his chair

I didn’t have a worry a fear, or a care

now gone are the goblins that once filled my head

the trolls are all gone and the dragons are all dead

childhood fears have faded as the boy is now all grown

now I supply the knee for children of my own

dad is now much older yet still he’s there for me

but I am much to large to sit upon his knee

now when I am frightened I still run for home

and crawl upon my father’s lap as he sits upon the throne

his arms are always open as he bids me come

there within his embrace he pours out all his love

God the father, he knows just what to say

he calms my fear and gives me courage to face another day

mike bishop