“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”



 Sometimes I go inside myself

And tightly shut the door

And forbid anyone to enter in

There deep in the dungeon

In the prison of my mind

I try to pay penance for my sin

There inside the prison bars

Held to the walls by chains

I vow my vows

And swear my oaths

Never to sin again

I bargain with my maker

Promising what I can’t keep

For I know within and by myself

I am oh so weak

Yet a cup of grace was poured out

On the cross at Calvary

It’s only through what Christ has done

That I can hope to be set free

If only I would take upon his yoke

And lay mine by the way

I could find the strength I need

To face the coming day

Still I try to guide myself

Through each long and winding turn

Only to find I fall again

When will I ever learn

mike bishop