“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”“Alley’s : A Light to the Manville Community”

Documents Links

Documents Links

A letter written by Lisa McConnell to Leta Duncan and the subject is the 200th anniversaty of Methodism and Leta’s reply. letter_from_lisa_m._to_leta_d._and_leta__s_reply0001.pdf

Alley’s Chapel Deed… My Interpretation Of The Original Deed: alleys_chapel_deed.doc

Alley’s Bank Note Burning Program  From 1982: alley__s_note_burning0001.pdf

Alley’s Program for the 125th Anniversary Celebration: program_for_125th0001.pdf

Bellamy’s Chapel Abandonment Letter bellamy__s_chapel_abandonment0001.pdfDeed to Alley’s Chapel UMC Read More>

Minutes From Sept. 20, 1959…..A Soul Saving Revival At Alley’s Chapel : minutes_from_september_20__1959…a_soul_saving_revival0001.pdf

Report of Committee on Nominations and Personel for the year 1977: report_of_committee_on_nominations_for_yea0001.pdf 

Steve Edmunds Point Man International Ministries  2015 Vietnam Trip: Steve Edmunds 2015 RVN Trip